Athlete Terms and Conditions


All month to month packages (small group classes and open gym athletes) at RaceStart are to be Paid-in-full. Athletes have no obligation to renew their memberships beyond the duration of the purchased package. Punch card packages will be set to automatically renew. However, there is no requirement that you do so. If you do not wish to renew your package, please notify us by email prior to your renewal date. Paid-in-full packages are non-refundable, although extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration at the discretion of RaceStart owner.

Personal training packages are asked to be paid in full, or to pay half down at the date of purchase, and pay the remaining balance the second month from date of purchase- This is the requirement of all Personal Training Packages.

Our hope is that the quality of what we’re offering and the premium price of our packages encourages you to be here as often as possible. RS wants you to be here and training with us. However we realize that sometimes things come up and you have to be away for a while (work travel, vacations, injuries, etc.). If you know in advance that you’ll be absent for at least two weeks and up to three months, let us know and we’ll work with you to suspend your membership while you’re away. At the end of the suspension your agreement will automatically start back up again and your scheduled auto-payments will be adjusted to reflect the duration of the suspension. What we won’t do is suspend a membership in retrospect of a week where you simply “didn’t make it in” for whatever reason.

All sales are final. (Refer to Unavailability of Services) We take pride in the service provided at RS, and are committed to help others live a fit lifestyle. It is our hope that our athletes are just as committed to their workouts. We ask that all “rookies” participate in our beginner classes before diving in with our veterans. This should give new participants a very good idea of the service we provide. If at that time you are unhappy with our service, we will reimburse you for your BEGINER CLASS ONLY. However, you will only be reimbursed after notifying the OWNER, AND submitting a written letter helping RS learn how to make your next experience better. The letter must include:

  • I would have enjoyed more____________
  • I would have enjoyed less ____________
  • I did enjoy _________________________
  • What your overall goals are…
  • How you now plan to achieve your goals without RS…
  • IF we changed these things would you come back Y/N


If RaceStart facilities or services become unavailable or are no longer fully operational, before full receipt of the services and use of facilities for which the buyer contracted, the buyer is liable for only the portion of the total consideration proportional to the elapsed time period of the contract at the time of the unavailability. The buyer is entitled to a refund of any other funds already paid. Basically, you only pay for services that have been completed, and you will receive a refund of any services remaining. DEATH OR DISABILITY If the buyer is unable to make use of or receive the services contracted for because of death or disability, the buyer is liable for only that portion of the total consideration proportional to the elapsed time portion of the contract at the time of death or disability.