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19/24 Fitness Challenge

19 workouts in 24 days! The holidays are quickly approaching, and so does all that hustle and bustle. Together we can alleviate some of our holiday stress. Let’s schedule our workouts, and show up for them (no excuses). Does your nutrition suffer this time of the year? Let us help! We have a 10 day […]

Is Strength and Conditioning For Me

Don’t believe everything your friends tell you After years in the fitness industry, I have noticed a common trend. During initial consultations, many individuals seem to share the notion that in order to lose weight they need to do crazy amounts of cardio before incorporating weight lifting into their fitness program. Does this sound like […]

RaceStart’s 5th Annual Christmas Event

Celebrate with RaceStart for our 5th Annual Holiday Party! Join us Saturday, December 15th, 9AM-10:45AM Participate in a buddy workout, enjoy some healthy treats, and get in the holiday spirit with a white elephant gift exchange and raffle prizes! Our schedule: 9AM-10:15 Buddy Workout 10:15- 10:45 Food Holiday Cheer Raffle Prizes Our White Elephant Gift […]


Allow me to set the scene…We had just moved into our newly renovated house. I had been busy decorating and calling family to remind them the date of our housewarming party. I called my cousin Sarah, and she was always asking me, “So are you pregnant yet?” This time when she asked I just laughed […]

New HIIT Class for Better Stamina, Agility, Coordination

Last week a certified fitness professional, Steve Gayhart, was driving by RaceStart, saw our sign, and decided to stop in. He began to talk about jump ropes and how he specializes in sport specific training. After a few minutes in conversation, Steve mentioned that he was coached by Don Race, my father’s cousin. When Steve […]