RaceStart Coach, Jordan Grifffin, Turned Pro UFC Fighter

Please note that there will be quite a few changes to our class schedule to watch for in February.

One of which, is Jordan’s LAST class. Coach Jordan will no longer be training on Monday nights. Rather, he is redirecting his focus on his own strength training program- Which I completely agree and will support him with. Together, Jordan and myself will be working one on one in preparation of his next UFC fight. So rest assured, we’ll still see our champ around RaceStart 🙂

Jordan’s main focus right now is taking his strength and fitness to the next level now that he is competing on a different platform. Jordan anticipates his next UFC fight to be set for either May or June. We’ll know more specifics soon. Jordan’s MRI was postponed until yesterday, and he’s still waiting on the results. This will play a big factor in the upcoming events.

Cardio Combat will no longer be available after February 4th.

  • Starting February 5th every Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 morning class will be power lifting + KB conditioning with Stevan
  • Starting Monday, February 11th, Erika will be coaching our tabata class at 5:30. Yep, you heard me correctly…Tabata will be moved from Thursday to Monday.
  • Starting Tuesday, February 12th Olympic lifting & conditioning will be coached by Amanda on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
  • Starting Friday, February 15th 4PM class will now be Kettlebells, coached by Antonette.
  • All other classes remain the same
  • Updated calendar coming soon

cardio boxing milwaukee gym

Athletes and guests, you are invited to attend Jordan’s last Cardio Combat Class

Monday, February 4th at 5:30PM.


From all of us at RaceStart

Thanks so much for coaching us, and helping build a stronger community. Wishing you lots of success and happiness in your future. We will all miss your class, and will wait in anticipation to cheer you on at your next fight!


Celebrate Our 5th Birthday With Huge Savings

Come celebrate our 5th year in business and find out why RaceStart is voted best gym for personal training and group fitness in Milwaukee…

Mobility Workshop


Date: Sunday, January 27th
Time: 10-11:30AM
Fee: Open event to the community, free workshop

Your Coach: Meet one of our newest coaches, Stevan Dukic.

Starting in February, Stevan will begin coaching our Tues and Thursday morning classes. (kettlebells and power lifting program)

Stevan’s Certifications/Other Continued Education

  • Mobility WOD 101, March 2018
  • Kabuki Strength Movement Systems, March 2018
  • Mobility WOD 102, November 2018
  • First Aid and CPR/AED, October 2017
  • ACE Personal Training, November 2017
  • ISSA Sports Nutrition, June 2016
  • ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialty, October 2016

The Workshop Goal:

  • The Movement & Mobility Workshop is designed to help you move to perform better and move more freely in your everyday life.
  • This Workshop illuminates common movement errors that can cause musculoskeletal dysfunction and rob you of speed, power, endurance, and strength. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply someone wanting to live, this workshop will teach you how to maintain your body and harness your genetic potential.
  • The Movement and Mobility workshop is designed so that users will be able to quickly identify movement inefficiency and have a dynamic order of operations to know where and what and how to correct.

What to expect (class format)

  • We will run several ROM (range of motion) tests
  • Utilize a mobilization technique to help improve
  • test, retest, and load (add some weighted movements)
  • Mini workouts

What to bring:

  • Water
  • A change of shoes
  • Wear ‘bendy’ clothes
  • Bring a buddy!

More info about our Mobility Workshop and the “Starrett System”

Coach Stevan, has recently completed the ModWod 101 and 102 certifications under Kelly Starrett. For those of you who don’t know, K-Starr was rated one of the most influential people in health and fitness in 2017. Basically, this workshop is a big deal and you should not miss it. The Starrett System is derived directly from thousands of hours of coaching practice and from the experience of coaching thousands of athletes and working with the world’s greatest coaches in settings as diverse (ie. professional teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Golf, and MMA.)

Who is Kelly Starrett

AKA ‘K-Starr’(according to Wikipedia) is quoted to be a physical therapist, author, and speaker. His 2013 fitness book, Becoming a Supple Leopard, was featured on The New York Times bestselling sports books list (this is basically the bible at RaceStart. You can find it on my desk). He is a co-founder, with his wife Juliet Starrett, of the fitness website MobilityWOD. He has been described as a “celebrity” and “founding father” of CrossFit, as well as ranking on Greatist‘s 2017 list of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness.

*Please note that Kelly Starrett will not be present at this event.

2018: A Year to Thrive

Happy holidays from all of us at RaceStart!

The end of the year is quickly approaching. A big thank you to all of our dedicated athletes and coaches who have trained, followed, and supported us over the years. You are the backbone to this operation- without you our gym wouldn’t have grown into what it is today.

It’s our goal to continue to build a strong community of leaders and set a positive example for generations to follow.

We invite you to take a walk down memory lane with us, but not before we wish you and yours a very Happy New Year’s!

RaceStart Training, 2014 …3rd floor location

2015-02-01 14.18.29 - Copy

CrossFit and Group Fitness in Bayview

RaceStart, 2018 First Floor location


We moved from the 3rd floor to the first floor of the Lincoln Warehouse adding some square footage. The move was surprisingly quick with the help of our strong athletes. The the equipment was moved in less than 48 hours. What a difference from when we first moved into the Lincoln Warehouse back in 2014. It was mostly just Chris and Myself, over my birthday weekend, a snowstorm, and the Super Bowl weekend.  It consisted of MANY long days and nights.

New to our first floor digs, and staying true to our Bay View roots, we added the infamous graffiti wall. We also put our stamp on the city with our new exterior sign, along with our very own street entrance…Hello street visibility!


Back in April I started to use AdvoCare products to aid my fitness performance, cut excess weight, and help with my workout recovery.  Prior to implementing AdvoCare into my diet, I would take the occasional fish oils and protein powders, but I was not seeing the results that I wanted in the gym. Something was missing. I told myself that I’d commit to AdvoCare’s program for 24 days and see what happens. I was blown away with my results over the weeks- And months later I still continue to use it. My goals have shifted since I’ve become pregnant, but I truly believe that AdvoCare supplements are a big contributor to how well my pregnancy is going. When I became pregnant ONE of my first thoughts were “Oh no, I finally found a program that I love, that’s working for me, and now I have to stop.” Much to my surprise, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. As a matter of fact, I went off all my supplements for a week (until I could see my doctor to discuss). Turned out that all of my supplements were approved by my doctor. When I started back on my AdvoCare regimen, I no longer felt sick to my stomach, and was back at the gym doing what I do.

After doing more research, I quickly learned that AdvoCare products are the only ones on the market that I’ve come across to have the “informed choice” check mark on the label. This means that everything in this product is listed on the bottle (no added fillers). If your supplements do not have this check mark please do your research. If it doesn’t have the “informed choice” stamp on your supplements, then you cannot be certain what you are really getting with your product. Don’t be fooled by fancy advertising and price.

I highly recommend the 24 Day Jump Start Program. This program helps promote balanced nutrition with lifelong healthy habits. If you need help getting back on track, and accountability for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle for YOUR fitness goals, let us help!

The results have been incredible. If anyone would like more info or has any questions, please contact me, Antonette, directly.

lifelong healthy diet weightloss


RS started out the month with our Grand Opening, and with our first gym proposal! Congrats Angie and Chris, wedding to follow in September 2019. Coach Erika followed one of her passions and in June also completed her Yoga certification and training!

Thanks to Erika, we now offer Yoga every Fri and Sunday morning (refer to our group class schedule).

yoga increase flexibility mobility


Another coach following not only a passion, but making a lifelong dream come true; In July Coach Jordan Griffin won his spot in the UFC! December 15th was his debut UFC fight right here in Milwaukee at the Fiserv Forum! Many of us came together to cheer Jordan on for his first time fighting in Milwaukee! We are all so proud of our coach/pro UFC fighter 🙂 Excited for him to resume classes in the new year:)

jordan griffin workout


Chris and Myself finally moved into our house that we had been renovating for for over a year. It was at our house warming party in October, that we announced that we will be expecting our first baby mid May of 2019. On Christmas Eve we revealed that we will be expecting a baby GIRL, and are thrilled! Thank you all very much for your love and support over the past couple of months. It has not gone unnoticed, and is greatly been appreciated.


We welcome Coach Steve Gayheart to our team! Steve leads our HIIT jump rope class, geared towards improving stamina and endurance. Steve is also one of our personal trainers at RaceStart, and has been doing an excellent job on both fronts. At the moment he still has some availability for personal training clients. With that being said we are also looking for more qualified certified trainers. Contact Antonette for inquiries, #262-497-1844


Let’s not forget about our Annual RS Holiday event. This is my absolute favorite RS event! After our partner workout we dig into some goodies, raffle prize drawings happen, and white elephant gifts are opened.

leading up to the gift giving, this year I was able to make a special announcement. The week of our event, RS’s community collected $2,765 in donations to help out one of our own athletes who has been fighting cancer for the last 6 months. Our RaceStart community is like no other. The support we have for each other is so rewarding to see. We all come from different walks of life, accept that, and are yet somehow all connected by our passion for health and fitness.

A Time for Change

group fitness- kettlebell workout milwaukeeIn December we also learned that coach Bryan will be leaving us in February. Bryan is our early riser, Koffee & Kettlebells (KKBells) coach. He has been with us just over 2 years, and we will miss him terribly. Moving into the 2019, we wish Bryan nothing but the best in his new sales leadership position with Guardian Exteriors. I see nothing but great things for Bryan and his family.

Bryan succeeds in whatever project he invests and dedicates his time to, which I can personally attest to. Bryan, please don’t be a stranger. On behave of all of us, we will all miss the morning ‘koffee talks’, laughs, and coaching techniques we’ve acquired over the years.

With this being said, there will be adjustments over the next month. We will still have the morning KKBells class, same time, same place, coached by Antonette.

Moving forward, We have 2 new coaches who will be starting soon.

Some of you already may have met Amanda May, who has been participating in our group classes over the last few weeks. She comes from an extensive background in Olympic weight training and may be one of the coolest people I have ever met. The other coach has a comprehensive background in calisthenics and gymnastic movements with over 5 years of experience. Over the next few weeks he will be working with me to revamp our gymnastics program! I will be training with our new coaches over the month of January, and will keep you all posted with updates of when our new programming will roll out. Lots to look forward to in 2019!

I just want to say a BIG thank you to all of our coaches at RS. This has been a year of growth for all of you, and I’m so thankful to play a tiny part in your journey. You all put a new meaning to the term “dream team” 😉 You allow your passion to drive you, set big goals for yourself…and you’ve achieved them! Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. Continue to dream big.

In Closing


We are small and together we are fierce. RaceStart has come along way over the last few years, and is truly evolving more and more into what I had originally envisioned when RS was yet a dream.

We want to welcome all of our new athletes/coaches. We thank you and all our veteran athletes for supporting RaceStart over this year of growth. We are very excited to thrive and continue to evolve as we welcome our future athlete, baby girl in 2019. We look forward to building a strong community together.

With grit and gratitude,
Antonette Semklo and Team

If you have any suggestions or ideas that you’d like to see incorporated into our programming, or monthly challenges please PM Antonette, antonette@racestarttraining.com


Travel Workouts That Don’t Require ANY Equipment

RaceStart’s workouts on the go ‘Playbook’

Prepared by Antonette Semklo


Life is hectic and often times full of the chaos. There will always be an excuse to not workout. Don’t allow your excuses to obstruct your progress. I’ve created these workouts for you to do at home, on vacation, or when work sends you away. Now you can feel better prepared to stay on point with your fitness goals.

It’s my goal to help eliminate the stress and anxiety that often comes when life throws us a curve ball.


  1. Deck of cards (including the joker)
  2. A coin


Scale as needed- All weights, reps, and movements offered here are to be used as a guide.

Know your limits….push them…but don’t jump the gun. Always consult your doctor before starting a new fitness program.

  • Form matters
  • Be smart
  • Have fun


Station 1 (1 min)

  • Heads- 10 squats
  • Tails- 10 burpee
  • Rest 1 min

Station 2 (1min)

  • Heads- 3 groiners
  • Tails- 1 wall walk
  • Rest 1 min

Continue to repeat both stations for desired amount of time.


1 wall walk, 2 push up
2 wall walk, 4 push up
3 wall walk, 6 push up
4 wall walks, 8 push up
5 wall walks, 10 push up

3 rds:

  • 20 russian split lunges
  • 10 v-up sit up
  • 5/5 Pistol squats
  • Side plank + 10 hip raises/side

5 wall walks, 10 push up
4 wall walks, 8 push up
3 wall walk, 6 push up
2 wall walk, 4 push up
1 wall walk, 2 push up

EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute):

keep going until you can no longer complete these reps in 1 min

  • 10 Push up
  • 10 Sit up
  • 20 Squat

PICK AND PLAY (No equipment needed)

3 different playing options:

  1. Select (3) of the movements from the list below, and set your reps and rounds. Complete for time.
  2. You can also use a deck of cards. The numbers on the cards determine the number of reps. The suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs) will represent 4 of the movements that you select from below.
  3. Instead of playing with the suits, moving through 4 different exercises, you could choose 2 movements. One movement for black cards, and one for red cards.

*Jokers are your wild cards- a movement you like or don’t like,
ie. sprints, 3 mile run, or burpees



  • Sloth walk (lateral movement)
  • Black mamba
  • Side kick through
  • Pistol squats
  • Walking lunges
  • RSL (Russian Split Lunges)
  • High knee, quick feet; from point ‘x’ to point ‘x’
  • Wall walk + push up
  • Horizontal wall walk
  • Vertical wall walk
  • Lateral bridge walk
  • Crab walk
  • V-up sit up
  • V-up alternating single leg sit up
  • Butterfly sit ups
  • Bridge k-2-E
  • Squat jumps
  • Surfer squat jumps (squat jumps with a 360 turn)
  • Ape flow
  • Donkey kicks
  • Bridge shoulder taps
  • Rolling pistol sit up
  • Lateral skater jumps
  • Broad jumps + push up
  • Bridge to plank
  • Plank jacks
  • Pike push ups
  • Groiners
  • HSPU
  • Pull ups using an open door
    (make sure door is securely ajar, and drape a towel over the top for comfort.)

Have fun, and don’t forget to share your results in the comments below 🙂 

Thank you for your donation

Late this year

We found out that one of RaceStart’s own, Nadia, was diagnosed at age 37 with Follicular Lymphoma, a type of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Nadia has been training with us for almost 2 years and attends the 4PM class as well as weekend classes.  I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of mental and physical stress Nadia has been through over these last 6 months of treatment.  I can however, count on one hand how many times she has missed a workout during her chemo treatment. This woman trains harder than anyone I know; Determination, undeniable strength, and incredible talent for finding good in every situation- Nadia is the poster child for RaceStart.

Last week (in 5 days to be exact)

Our RaceStart community collected $2,765 to help our warrior fight cancer! We surprised Nadia with a check at our RS Holiday Event over the weekend. Many, many thanks to everyone for coming together and making this holiday extra special. This gym community continues to amaze me and I am extremely grateful for you all.

Nadia, from all of us at RaceStart

We love you, and continue to be inspired by your story. We will always have your back. Thank you for being you and for kicking cancers ass!

A special thank you from Nadia:

Words fail me as I attempt to express my gratitude for this EXTREMELY thoughtful and exceedingly generous gift. Simply knowing you went out of your way to think of me and support me, overwhelms my heart.
For me, the gym is a source of solace, comfort, and stability during a time of uncertainty. Having a community there who stands by me and treats me like just another sweaty person trying to get fit and stay sane, is the reason I’ve been a member for so long.
I talk about the gym all the time to people and the most common statement I say is: “the people are kind.” This is what has become even more important to me and dictated who I want to spend my time with and energy on. You have exemplified this to the fullest in this act of generosity and friendship.
For those of you who were there on Saturday, I hope you could feel and sense the gratitude (and surprise!) through my tears, which were those of love and mutual respect. I don’t know how I can repay you, but please know, that the feeling is reciprocal. I don’t just say the words “Fit Family”, but I mean it, and I will always be there for each and everyone one of you. I was going to say you just have to ask, but I realized that I did not ask for this gift and you gave anyway. Maybe that is the truest sense of giving and generosity.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting me through my cancer diagnosis and treatment. Both emotionally and now financially. And I hope you will be there with me through my future celebrations and the inevitable highs and lows to come. RaceStart is a gym. And it HAS made me stronger. I’m stronger with you at my side.


How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals This Holiday Season

RaceStart your December with our Winter Fitness Challenge

Starting Saturday, December 1st we will kick off another 24 day challenge!

I know you have all been waiting with anticipation to hear what the next challenge is – Or rather, how to earn some stickers … And what the heck kind of prizes can you win?


At the end of the challenge there will be a raffle drawing. Obviously, the goal is to achieve the most raffle tickets during this challenge to better your odds of winning the grand prize…BUT sometimes all you need is luck 😉 so really it’s anyone’s game depending on your strategy. There will be two names drawn after December 24th.


  • A gift bag of all Antonette’s favorite things
  • $10 off gift card for Athleta
  • 2 week Free pass to gift to one of your friends to join you in your workouts
  • A complementary consult with our health & nutrition coach, Jodi.


  1. Macro tracking EVERY day (24 days) using MyFitnessPal App.
    NOTE: If you don’t hit your macros you will not be penalized. This is just to help keep you mindful during our weeks of “hibernation”.
  2. Meal prep at least 1 day/week to help keep us on point. Must post a photo to our RaceStart FB member page 1x/week of meal prep work.
  3. Lastly, workout 4x/week (group class and/or personal training) If you are traveling take a photo of your hand written workout and a picture of you actually working out (sweat pic), share on our members FB page.


Bonus Points: Take a progress photo on Day 1 and Day 24 AND share your before and after pics with us. You don’t have to reveal your face if you choose not to…but after all your hard work you should be proud of yourself and own it!

This will earn you 5 extra raffle tickets!!!!

Bonus Points: If you complete 17 workouts in 24 days you will earn 1 raffle tickets.

If you complete 24 workouts in 24 days (or before the new year) you will earn 2 raffle tickets!

strength training gym bayview


We will have 2 charts posted on the whiteboard across from the lockers.

  • CHART #1; You will receive 1 star for each week if, and only if you complete all 3 requirements.
  • Note: Each week you complete this challenge successfully, you will receive a raffle ticket. That’s a total of 3.5 weeks.
  1. Macro tracking EVERY day using MyFitnessPal App.
    NOTE: If you don’t hit your macros you will not be penalized. This is just to help keep you mindful during our weeks of “hibernation”.
  2. Meal prep at least 1 day/week to help keep us on point. Must post a photo to our RaceStart FB member page 1x/week of meal prep work.
  3. Lastly, workout 4x/week (group class and/or personal training) If you are traveling take a photo of your hand written workout and a picture of you actually working out, share on our members FB page.
    Chart #2: Will track your daily workouts.
  • CHART #2; You will receive a star every time you complete a workout.
  • Bonus Points: If you complete 17 workouts in 24 days you will earn 1 raffle ticket. 24 workouts will get you 2 raffle tickets!

Black Friday Group and Personal Training Sales

A Time for Giving Thanks

Its my favorite time of the year! To show my appreciation I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for making RaceStart what it has become. Over the last few weeks there has been such positive, yet competitive energy from each of you! Your inner athlete is shining bright this month! It must be from all those stars 😉 Keep inspiring and lifting each other up!  #gottalovestickers

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and you know what that means…BLACK FRIDAY SALES! Let’s not forget the birthday workouts we have coming up.

On Wednesday, November 21st we celebrate Mark’s birthday AND  Saturday, November 24th we celebrate Alana’s birthday!


(Act Fast! Offer expires November 30th)

Who Won the Bingo Challenge Anyways


Sorry for the delay kids. Here are the results…

  • First place: Nadia M., winner of a 24 day Nutrition Jump Start program ($175 value)
  • Runner up: Rachel C., winner of 1 free month of unlimited group classes ($150 value)
  • Second Place: Mark T., winner of spark and a 24 hour hot/cold water bottle ($70 value)
  • Third Place: Kate S., won 10% off next month’s unlimited group classes. ($15 value)

Congrats again to all the winners and participants. I LOVE giving away prizes 🙂 I see how hard you are all working when you come in. I see how far you have come since your first day…This makes me  feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to share my passion for fitness with all of you. Thank you for trusting in me and all of us at RaceStart. You make this gym my happy place, and I am extremely grateful for you all.

Our Next Fitness Challenge

If you didn’t win this time, you know how the saying goes, “better luck next time”. Luckily for you “next time” is just around the corner for your chance to win! I’d like to announce our next Fitness Challenge that will take us right through Thanksgiving!

Next Challenge starts November 1st!

Raffle Prize:

Everyone who signs up will be eligible to enter in a raffle drawing for RaceStart’s holiday gift bag:

  • New RaceStart swag
  • 10 day Nutrition JumpStart Program
  • Kettlebell Kitchen gift card

This is a great way to stay on point during the hustle and bustle that always arrives with the holiday- ‘Tis the season 🙂

Click below for details on how to win! Challenge starts next Thursday!



19/24 Fitness Challenge

19 workouts in 24 days!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and so does all that hustle and bustle. Together we can alleviate some of our holiday stress. Let’s schedule our workouts, and show up for them (no excuses). Does your nutrition suffer this time of the year? Let us help! We have a 10 day and a 24 day nutrition program that will boost your energy, improve your fitness performance, and leave you feeling amazing!

Starting THURSDAY, November 1st and ending on Saturday, November 24th.

That’s 5 days that you could miss out of 3 weeks, AND still have a chance at winning the grand prize! You got this!


If you complete 19 workouts in 24 days you will be entered in our raffle for a chance to win our RaceStart Holiday gift bag (filled with…):

  • New RaceStart swag
  • 10 day Nutrition JumpStart Program
  • Kettlebell Kitchen gift card

This is a great way to beat that winter hibernation, stay on point with your nutrition, AND hit your fitness performance goals!

*You must complete 19 workouts in 24 days to enter our raffle.

  • If you workout 19 times during our 24 day challenge you will receive 1 ticket.
  • If you workout all 24 days during this challenge you will receive 1 additional raffle ticket.
  • If you join us in the 10 day nutrition program during this challenge you will receive 1 extra ticket
  • If you join us in the 24 day JumpStart during this challenge you will receive 2 extra raffle tickets.

This means that you could essentially earn 4 raffle tickets. That’s 4 more chances to win the prize!

NOTE: Keep in mind that it usually takes 2-5 days for your nutrition package to arrive. Please contact Antonette prior to ordering anything online- It’s important that you select the best program for you and your fitness/lifestyle goals.