In May of 2015 I had my  first EVER interview and just now realized I never blogged about it… so here’s my story…

Amerikas Addition has an online blog where they interview local individuals who are culturally influential and features them on their blog…And they asked me! This was a very humbling experience for me as a business owner, as well as a young adult. A few weeks had pasted since answering the interview questions and in those few weeks self doubt set in…With our highs come our lows…I will say that it was quite an eye opener once the interview was released! It’s very different listening to your own advice.

Obviously, I had a good idea what this blog would say (considering it was an interview)…but after reading it I BELIEVED AGAIN! That self doubt was gone. The interview took me back to a time when I was younger. It forced me to see how hard I’ve been working to get to where I am today…and realize that the fighter is still inside of me and full of fire! The interview allowed me to take a step back from all the chaos that comes with  starting a new business. It helped me to APPRECIATE AND BE PROUD OF WHAT I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED ( instead of ONLY paying attention to my endless ‘to-do’ list).

As a professional coach, I find myself giving people advice on the daily. After reading my interview, it felt like I was giving myself that same pep talk…”look how far you’ve come…hang in there…you’re not a quitter”. My point is, sometimes we have to take our own advice and remind ourselves of the positives instead of dwelling on negatives or things we might not have control over. I needed to refocus, and take back  that control. It’s important to remember that we only fail at something if we give up.

Again, as an entrepreneur you have your very highs and you have those days where doubt sets  in….I kid you not, EVERY time that self doubt pops in my head something amazing happens that makes me believe again. Never quit on yourself…NEVER LOSE FAITH! Without it, you have nothing. Steve Jobs said it best,  “Surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it in yourself”.  That’s the whole entire reason I founded RaceStart Training…to simply create a positive facility for people to build each other up and live a healthy lifestyle.

This is my “morning view”…I hope you all make the most of your day…

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Antonette Race, Founder of RaceStart Training was recently interviewed by Joshua Scarver, producer of the music group Amerikas Addiction, a music group that draws influences from the hip-hop, alternative, punk, reggae, dance, and techno music cultures. If you know Antonette and her lack of singing abilities you can find the humor in this. However,that’s not what the interview was about…Amerikas Addition has an online blog where they interview local individuals who are culturally influential people and features them- Antonette was honored to be part of such as positive blog and was extremely grateful to even be recognized.

Check out Antonette’s interview and other local influential people on the link below 
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