New HIIT Class for Better Stamina, Agility, Coordination

Last week a certified fitness professional, Steve Gayhart, was driving by RaceStart, saw our sign, and decided to stop in. He began to talk about jump ropes and how he specializes in sport specific training. After a few minutes in conversation, Steve mentioned that he was coached by Don Race, my father’s cousin. When Steve walked through our doors, he hadn’t a clue that my maiden name was ‘Race’ and that I was related to his mentor and coach, Don Race. I have never had the opportunity to meet Don myself. However, during my younger years I did know his father, who lived across the street from me. Don’s dad, Ed Race, who I later learned was somewhat of a Bay View legend back in the in the day- I knew him as, ‘Uncle Ed’. When we first moved to Bay View, prior to the change of my last name, people would ask me if I was related to an Ed Race. In Bay View Ed was known for being a great football coach, guidance counselor, and for training kids and athletes to move better and train better with his jump rope style training programs. After Ed Race had passed away, I learned that Ed’s son, Don, had followed closely in his footsteps. Today, Don has a patent for the ‘super speed rope’ that he designed and crafted after his military days. Steve went on to tell me that Don Race and his jump rope training program played a significant role in his career path to becoming the fitness professional he is today.

As Fate Would Have It

After speaking briefly with Steve, I immediately felt a connection, almost like I was chatting with a family member. I am excited to announce that Steve will be starting a jump rope program that is exclusive to RaceStart. No other gym is doing anything like this!

The most exciting part is that this is something that has been in my family for generations and it somehow stumbled into our gym.  I am honored and crazy excited to welcome Steve into our RaceStart family as a coach. I look forward to learning and building a strong community together.

Steve will be teaching ‘Rope Race’, Wednesdays at 6:00 P.M. and Sundays at 10 A.M. (class is included with membership).


New Class ‘Rope Race’ Description

This is a HIIT class designed to improve coordination, balance, agility, and stamina. If you have never touched a jump rope before, don’t worry. Everything can be scaled.

Our Rope Race class will continue to challenge and evolve with you as your your skill level improves. If you’re interested in developing your speed and quickness, or just looking for a fun way to spice up your cardio workout, THIS IS IT! Whether, you love to run, or hate it, this is the class for you. Your running will improve without actually running! That’s a win for me.

Rope Race is taught exclusively at RaceStart Training by coach Steve Gayhart. Everyone is required to use the ropes provided by the coach. These ropes are made to move fast, with metal ball bearings, and heavy/durable plastic handles.These handles combined with the speed cable, crank up the intensity level of any workout. As a result, your shoulders and legs will lite up!

The specialty rope that we use in class is called the super speed rope, and is patented by my dad’s cousin, Don Race.

 FREE ‘Pop Up’ class, Sunday, October 28th at 10 A.M. – 11 A.M.

Register online. You do not have to be a member to attend.

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