RaceStart’s First Mud Run Experience

Last Saturday team RaceStart ventured out to Slinger, WI where we “competed” (I use the word “competed” lightly) in our FIRST EVER mud run!

The race took place at Little Switzerland Ski Hill. To make a long story short, the hills are no joke my friend.

In all seriousness it was a blast! We learned a lot about one another #teambonding

The need for speed suddenly wasn’t as important as completing the event together as a team! All egos were set aside, and everyone rose to each challenge put before us. I think most of us were hoping for more obstacles, but overall I thought it was the perfect race to put our physical fitness to test- After all, this was our first attempt at a mud run. If I’m being honest, I was disappointed to find out that the 10k was actually the 5k…again.   To be clear, the 10k route consisted of running the 5k route 2x’s –  Basically repeating all the SAME obstacles you just completed.  I was under the impression that the 10k would have “more obstacles”, not repeat the same course you just trucked through. For that reason, we decided against the 10k after all. I am happy to report that EVERYONE finished the 5k without any serious injuries!

The hills were definitely a struggle (to say the least). At one point I began to crawl – did I mention I don’t care much for running? With that being said, NO ONE stopped. We all manged to pull through! There were lines leading up to each obstacle which allowed for us to stop and catch our breath. We saw people of all fitness levels competing.

My advice for first timers: Just like any workout, listen to your body, and if you need rest, take it. The struggle is real, but knowing that are able to complete this is the best reward. I am thankful to be physically fit and capable to check this off of my bucket-list, AND extremely grateful that I had all of you to share this experience with!

This race has now sparked the urge to try another one … SOON! It has also given me some fun new ideas to implement in our group fitness training programs at RaceStart 😉 I can’t wait for our next mud run!  This is what it’s all about … to bring like-minded people together and create a positive and healthy environment.

Live. Laugh. love … and lift each other up 🙂 Go RaceStart! #whereathletesareborn