A BIG Thank you to everyone who attended the 2016 RaceStart Open House the past weekend!

Many thanks to YOU, the gym community,  for your support in RaceStart Training over the last few weeks, months, and years. We have so many things to be thankful for as we continue to grow.  A big thanks to coaches Erika and Bryan for all of your time and energy during this event as well as day to day tasks. Your continued contributions help make this gym what it is today.

Congrats to Christy Walker, winner of the raffle drawing. Christy won:

Morning Classes With Bryan

Hello Warriors!

Please welcome Bryan Falk-Steinmetz to our RaceStart Team! Bryan will be teaching our NEW MORNING CLASSES, “Koffee+Kettlebells”! Which start Thursday, September 29th @5:30AM.

Bryan is a strong athlete and an overall “stand up guy”. He’s  an excellent asset to our gym community; his enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness is apparent is everything he does! Over the last month there’s a good chance you might have already seen him around the gym. Bryan has been participating in our group classes to become familiar with RaceStart’s  programming, the facility, and of course all of you athletes! We are very excited to have you Bryan, and look forward to your future with RaceStart 🙂

Click below for more info on our class schedule and programs.

Meet Fitness Coach, Bryan Falk-Steinmetz


“Hi, I’m Bryan Falk-Steinmetz. At RaceStart you’ll find a healthy, welcoming community.  Anyone who wants to have fun, get motivated, and work hard will fit right in! If you’re interested in personal training or seeking more guidance with Kettlebell movements I’d be happy to help!   I look forward to hearing from you.”

For additional information on Bryan and his background in Heath and fitness, click on the button below.

Bryan Falk-Steinmetz
Professional Trainer

Milwaukee Personal Training & Group Fitness

RaceStart provides a great community atmosphere and a passion for unconventional training methods! It’s our goal to take the “work” out of working out; Exercise should feel like PLAY.

Let us be your playground, and allow us to put the fun back into your daily routine. Our main focus at RaceStart is personal training and small group fitness classes. Our class-sizes are kept small to avoid the chaos, while providing our customers with a more personal and intimate experience. At RS we have created our ‘Back 2 Basics Introductory Courses’ at an affordable rate … just for you.


I just LOVE Brene Brown and I thought I’d share this clip with you.

I feel that EVERYONE can connect/relate to this on some level.

I’m curious what you will take from it.

Some of you may wonder why I am blogging about this, or “How this is relevant to health and fitness?”


No matter how many hours we put in at the gym it won’t matter if we continue with self shaming.

We will not reach our fitness goals if we continue to tell ourselves

“I can’t” or “I’m not _______enough”

We must attack our problems from the root. Don’t place blame on your trainer, coach, husband, kids, work, school. Take accountability and try to understand why you’re not seeing results instead of finding more excuses. I promise, after we’re able to change our perspective we’ll find the results we’re looking for.

Remember the RaceStart Motto,

“You can’t continue to do the same thing and expect different results.”

I feel that so many of us are battling with… I’m not ___________ enough.

This leads to “shaming ourselves”- saying hurtful things that we would never say to someone we love or care about….So why do we say them to ourselves if we know they are hurtful?


This is something that really hit home for me. Being a woman and business owner in a male dominated field, the last thing I thought I could feel (or show for that matter) was vulnerability. That terrified me. Recently, I have learned that when I show a more vulnerable side (MY AUTHENTIC SELF) that’s when people seem to REALLY HEAR ME and all of a sudden I become relatable.

I find it interesting how Brene Brown makes us realize that being vulnerable is courage

The courage to be ‘IMPERFECT”…which is a connection to authenticity.

It’s okay to NOT have it ‘all together’.  I can’t tell you how many times I would “freak out” if someone would stop by to visit me at the gym or house (made no difference) and everything didn’t appear to be “perfect”.  Like I said, it becomes exhusting! Believe it or not, it was easier for me take on another task for the day and clean things up, rather than let someone see things out of order. If I was sick as a dog and a family member told me they were going to stop by, I’d pull myself together and clean up the house.

I now realize how rediculious this sounds.


2016-02-16 14.26.22

Art credit goes to Steyr Hardison, age 3. “Guy wearing headphones”. – of course it is 😉 My cousin’s daughter made this picture for us and framed it.

“CREATIVITY IS; the key of how things travel from the head to the heart to hands.”

Unused creativity is dangerous. It turns into greed, rage, and becomes toxic.


Now, take a minute to think about this and reflect.  

Below is an excellent interview with Brene Brown that digs deeper into this topic. Very interesting! 


I wrote a blog not too long ago that was really more of a self reflection. In this blog I was more vulnerable than normal- I let people see the person who “doesn’t have it all together”- and it felt so good to be able to embrace my “imperfections”.

It was liberating, instead of ALWAYS STRIVING TO HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER …that’s exhausting!


I actually wrote my blog before I stumbled across Brene Brown. After I posted my blog, someone had asked if I had heard of her and suggested to look her up. I’m glad that I did.

With that being said I hope you enjoy 🙂


Celebrating the Month of February


It’s a big week for RaceStart…

Feburary 1st (Monday): MARKS OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVARSITY at the Lincoln Warehouse!

Feburary 2nd (Tuesday): Antonette turns another year older…(I used to dread this time of the year. It always has away of creeping up on me. Now it holds new significance.)

Febuary 6th (Saturday): RaceStart’s FIRST trade show the ‘WOMAN UP! EVENT’ held at the Expo Center (State Fair Grounds).

We will be offering our biggiest discounted personal training packages of 2016.

(Promo only available at the show)

Trade Show History:

When I was still in school I worked countless trade shows for a large corporation. However, it’s much different when you’re representing yourself!

RaceStart is not only a gym, a brand, and a community, it’s my heart and soul.  In 2015 I watched my business mature and that was pretty awesome!

I thank you all! Please join RaceStart at the ‘Woman Up! Event’ held next weekend.



‘Move To Perform’ Workshop


A big THANK YOU to Dr. Nate Sorum of Sorum Physiotherapy and his helper Briana Kissinger.
Over the weekend Dr. Sorum instructed RS’s first ‘Move to Perform’ Workshop .
The results were very interesting, yet very different for each of us- After we completed several tests/drills we were handed our results.
The drills that we performed revealed why we excel in certain movements, why some of our movements are ‘disfunctional’, and how to make us function properly again so that we can continue to get stronger with less risk of injury.

Nate will be back in 3 months to retest the same drills to make sure that we continue to progress without injury. If you missed out this time, make sure to clear your calendar when he comes back late Oct. (date + time TBD)2015-07-11 10.11.072015-07-11 10.38.32 2015-07-11 10.47.09 2015-07-11 10.47.22

RaceStart Athlete Of The Month, Alisha K

Alisha has been recognized as our athlete of the month for her strong work ethic, positive attitude, determination, and drive.

Alisha’s positive energy is infection to all those around her. She has definitely had an impact on our RaceStart community, and for that we are thankful! You are truly an inspiration to us all- Keep up the great work!

Alisha, training at RaceStart in MilwaukeeI am social worker and substance abuse counselor for the Department of Corrections at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility, working with adult male offenders,and I work part-time as a therapist for a residential treatment facility, working with adolescent girls.

Tell us something we may not know about you?
I worked at an orphanage in Thailand, which sparked my interest in social work. And I love Eminem 🙂

When did you start training at RaceStart?
I went to my first Warrior class in Spring 2013 and started going consistently in December 2013.

Main reason for joining RS?
I was training for a half marathon and was looking for something other than just spending 60-90 minutes on a treadmill, running each day. I wanted a more enjoyable way to prepare for the race…boy did a get a lot more than that.

What were your thoughts after you completed your first RaceStart workout?
Unfortunately I went to my first RaceStart workout and did not return for 6 months. Honestly, after that first workout, I felt pretty discouraged. I could run 8-10 miles without a problem and struggled through that first workout. I was embarrassed and mad at myself. I wish I wouldn’t have allowed myself to get so discouraged, because I haven’t felt that way since that first class. Now, I have basically the same thought after each workout…”That was sooo hard, and I feel sooo good!”

What is your fitness background?
I was an athlete in high school and stayed in fairly good shape during high school. Once college started I only worked out (elliptical, treadmill, and fitness classes) 2-3 days per week. During grad school a friend convinced me to sign up for a half marathon. This is what kick-started my work to start feeling good about myself and get back into shape.

What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment?
Feeling proud of myself! Of course there are things that I have done since beginning RaceStart that I never thought I could do, but even more than those things I never expected I would feel so proud of myself.

Has RS affected your life at home, at work, with friends, family life, etc? (circle all that apply)
explain….Racestart has affected all areas of my life…I am healthier, I enjoy working out, and it is a part of my everyday life. I eat healthier, I am positive and energetic at work, I try to convince my friends to come to Racestart workouts, and I tell my family and friends about my workouts and new PR’s on a regular basis! Like I said above, I’m proud!

What results have you seen since your first RS workout?
I’ve seen quite a few results since beginning Racestart. I’m not a big scale person; however I know my body has changed…it looks different, feels different, and my clothes fit different. The most obvious results are my attitude and my feelings about myself. I am much more confident and comfortable with myself than ever before.

What are your future training goals?
I recently reached a goal that I set quite a while ago…I am finally off of the rings and am doing pull-ups on the bar. Now, I would like to keep working on my push-ups, dips, and continue working at getting new PR’s. Anything with a kettlebell I dread, so I guess I need to keep working at those too…there’s got to be a reason I hate them!

What is your most memorable experience with RS?
The first RaceStart workout I went to we had to do crabwalks, which was the most discouraging thing I ever did. I could barely go 3 feet without falling and my wrists were in pain immediately. My most memorable moment was being able to do those same exact crabwalks down and back, across the gym without stopping or resting. I was so proud, I cried (that never happens)!

What advice would you give to a “Newbie” or someone considering joining the RaceStart family?
Keep coming back…I keep seeing this phrase “your hardest workout will eventually become your warm-up” and it’s true. If you can’t do something, it’s okay, there are modifications. If you stop going, you will never get it and if you keep working, eventually you will (and it feels GREAT when you do). Those difficult, challenging workouts make the PR’s and new abilities feel that much sweeter 🙂

Fill in the Blank
I like…all the friends I have made since joining RaceStart…they are an amazing group of people!
I eat…healthier than I used to, and I still have some work to do! I like….pizza and beer 🙂
I do…feel good about myself!
I am…confident and excited to see what I will be capable of doing in another year!
To be fit is to be…aware of how powerful your body is and proud of everything it is capable of doing 🙂