Read what RaceStart Training members are saying!

“I have attended numerous classes taught by Antonette. At first, I was intimidated and unsure of what to expect. However, after only a few minutes in class with Antonette, I felt at ease, motivated, and energized. Antonette’s cheery disposition and energetic nature kept me going and inspired me to push myself to perform at my best. I also found the fact that there were many individuals of all fitness levels in her  class to be telling. This goes to show you that her training style is effective for all people, regardless of body type. She also was able to give individualized attention to each person in class, and ensure that his or her form was on point, and more importantly, that their energy remained high and that they were giving it their all. I highly recommend training with Antonette, especially if you are looking to not only transform yourself for the better externally, but also internally. Even after one class, I felt proud of myself and motivated to continue achieving my fitness goals.” – Breanne B.

“I meet with Antonette Race for personal training as well as group training, Weekend Warrior program. My interaction with Antonette is always positive, motivating and educational. The gym she is affiliated with has all the necessary fitness equipment to accomplish whatever your goals.

I started working out with Antonette about one year ago for personal training sessions. My goal was to lose some weight and to be more fit. I started this process fearful and worried about causing myself pain. I had a C5,C6 disk replacement in 2001. I have had ongoing pain and problems and there are many things that I could not do without causing myself extended periods of pain. For example, I flat out refused to do sit ups as well as other exercises.

Antonette understood my concerns and worked with me in a way that strengthened my neck and got me to the point of doing the things that I formerly refused to do. Her workouts were well thought out and different to ward off boredom. They were patient and educational. She has gotten me to the point now where I will try anything and am stronger than I have been after the surgery and even at times in my life before the surgery. Her personal training is very personalized and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any fitness level.Her Weekend Warrior sessions are also an awesome training session. Though it is group fitness, she is able to make sure that everyone is working to their ability with proper form and weight limits. She designs this workout in such a way that you can work to your ability so if you are less fit, no one notices and if you are more fit, you still walk away feeling accomplished.”  – Karla L

“RaceStart Personal Training is an excellent means to organize your exercise time in a meaningful and productive way. The passion of the trainer is quickly witnessed and it is contagious. Some of us need the encouragement and challenge of a personal trainer. I know that I did. RaceStart did it for me. Thanks.” – Joe J.

“As Antonette’s older sister, I’ve continued to be impressed with her drive, motivation and perseverance over the years. It was always easy to respect all of these things that our parents tried to instill in us as we grew up. However, it wasn’t until recently that it really hit me just how talented she was. Antonette recently went into business for herself, following a direction and dream that was a true passion for her. I’ve now been training with Antonette for over 2 years  and continue to be blown away by her knowledge, professionalism and the new levels she was able to push me to based on this experience and dedication to ensuring I succeeded in reaching my goals. Not only is she an honest, professional and extremely knowledgeable trainer, but cares about her clients, hears their needs and does everything in her power to ensure that they succeed. I’ve never felt better and I thank her for giving me the confidence to reach goals I never dreamed I would be capable of previous to working out with her!” – Angie R.

“Antonette is a great trainer. As a male athlete, I need the right combination of instruction and motivation, and Antonette has both. She is an excellent of lifts and exercises that helped meet my fitness goals. She also pushed me much harder than I would have ever pushed myself. She is a great listener and took her time to understand what I was trying to accomplish before we set to work. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants to take their fitness and training to the next level.” – Matt N.

“My name is Keshena..and I first met Antonette a year ago. I was offered a consultation at a local gym..Antonette was selected at random draw. In the beginning, I thought that she couldn’t get me to where I needed to be and I was very stubborn- but much to my surprise she did!!…She taught me resilience, dedication, and strength for workouts. Before Antonette the elliptical was my best friend…the only thing I knew. Training with Antonette, I worked out in the pool , in the gym, on the stairs and outside. She taught me that I could get a workout ANYWHERE. Before training with Antonette, I could barely run for a minute. Now I’m running two miles non- stop. I can now lift weights, do squats, lunges and stretch properly. I lost 48lbs from Sept 2011 to June 2012!! Antonette was the driving force to my success. Although I still have more weight to lose, she helped me get to a place where I can confidently say I will not give up. NO TIME TO LOSE!!!!” – Keshena P.

“My own testimony: I’m 60 years old and never thought I would’ve had a second chance to look younger, be healthier, and live life to its fullest. But thanks to Antonette with her compassion, stamina and drive as a private instructor, my sessions at the gym are nothing less than exciting, with her well-prepared lesson plans for a total body workout. I have taken about 36 sessions so far, and every muscle in my body has been reshaped and toned. My first lessons look nothing like the latter ones, as I become stronger, my personal program has evolved. Come on people, let Antonette give you the personable care she is known for, be free of the back pain, arthritis pain, joint pain, depression and insomnia, I am and so can you.” – Barb R.

“I started working with AR in March. I went to a few weekend warrior classes to try it out and really liked it. AR offered a free personal training session and I decided to try this as a way to lose weight and get back in shape. She was very encouraging and laid back with her approach yet pushed me.

I’m not a runner at all and have weightlifted since I was 14. Going outside for a run as a workout is not my strength. I needed something that could get me motivated and feel good about my physical abilities again. I have played sports my whole life, 2 college sports and have trained intensely for them. I have done body building workouts, p90x, fitrex, yoga, etc.. The RaceStart program is the most invigorating form of exercise I’ve ever done. “I drank the kool-aid.” I’m hooked and its a lifestyle change, not a temporary 12 week workout plan. AR is also a realist in the sense that diet plays a huge part in achieving your goals and is more than willing to give you meal plans, recipes, and even a friendly reminder with a weigh in to measure your progress. My workout partner and I have set some intense goals for ourselves- one of which is a muscle up. AR has been molding our workouts so we can achieve this.

As far as results go, I started in March with 2 days a week plus weekend warrior. I am committed enough and we now go 4-5 days a week. In 9 months, I have lost 20lbs of fat, gained about 10lbs of muscle. I was not able to even do one pull-up with a band but am now rocking out multiple pull-ups without a band. We are constantly progressing and hitting personal records on our lifts each week.

It all starts with taking a chance and making the commitment. She will take care of the planning and the amount of weight. Its the longest I’ve religiously stuck with a workout since college because I just have to show up and the date and time is set. There aren’t excuses of not having time- I’ve made the time. You don’t have to be in shape to start either as many people believe. Its the thought of cleaning your house before the cleaning lady gets there- not the point!

I would not switch to another trainer as AR tracks all of our progress. She really cares about your body and trying to make you better. She has become a friend through all of it and Racestart has become such a healthy constant in my life. I don’t even think about eating poorly over the holidays because I know I will have to answer to AR and my goals will be off track. It seriously has changed my life and something I’m very thankful for.” – Abby B.

“I never knew what to expect with personal training. I had a relative that saw some success, so I gave it a try. I intended to try it for 6-weeks. With the success and fun I had, I continued and hope to be a long time trainee! Personal training is a continuing motivator, even if you didn’t think you needed motivation. Training with Antonette has helped me improve in muscle tone. I love my arms! I never had upper body and core strength in the many years of athletics that I had been a part of. My transformation was hard work that had friends, family, and my husband turning heads. Naturally when you feel good about your image you gain the confidence to do better at your job and be the model your kids need to have. I can say without a doubt that exercise is now a part of my life. It is a daily attitude improvement. When I exercise I can say I have accomplished something for me and this leads me to being a better mom, wife, friend and so on because I am happy. In order to succeed I have learned that you need to move outside of your “comfort zone”. Naturally when we workout we may think we work out “hard”, but Antonette resets that expectation and pushes you and your body to results. Antonette not only trains, but teaches you that combining some weight lifting with great cardio exercises leads you on a results driven path. I now understand what it takes to maintain the results. Antonette is a walking, living, breathing example of knowledge and love for being fit. This transfers with great ease for her when she works with her clients. I have worked with other trainers that are great at telling you what to do, but Antonette listens to you and knows how to make your body overcome the plateau our bodies often sees.” – Cassie Z.

“Antonette, Racestart Personal Training, has transformed my life and life style. Her personal training and healthy lifestyle help me to overcome adversity. This diversity being supposedly a incurable disease. My outlook on personal training has done a 180° and her personal training methods have brought me more confidence, energy, flexibility, and healthy happy life style in every aspect of life; personal and business. If you have not checked out RaceStart and Antonette as a personal trainer I highly recommend that you do so. After all her training and healthy lifestyle methods with exercise has helped me to overcome incredible adversity against all odds!” – Matthew S.

“I was off to a good start with my weight loss goals, but had begun to plateau. Knowing that I needed to do more I decided to give a personal trainer a try. Fortunately I got Antonette. With the help of Antonette not only was I able to reach and exceed my weight loss goal of 60lbs in less than 7 months, but I gained much needed strength and flexibility along the journey. Many people have asked me how I did it, and every time I tell them that I could not have done it without the help of my amazing trainer Antonette. She has so much passion for what she does. She has passed on this passion for health and fitness to me. I love the way I feel and look for the first time in many, many years. “ -Melanie M.

“I have been training with Antonette for more than a year. I have used a personal trainer in the past and find her more effective and engaged then any other trainer that I have had before. My transformation is still in process and I would receommend her to anyone that is interested in challenging their physical capabilities, transforming their body and improving their overall mental health.

Given my experience with various trainers over the years, what I find different about Antonette is that she is invested in you and your health just as much as you are as an individual. She follows up with you outside of our appointment time, sends inspiration and meal information as often as possible and is very accessible when needed.
I have enjoyed the professional relationship with Antonette so much that I have moved locations with her and now drive 25 minutes to the south side of Milwaukee to work with her.

Try her if you want to feel better!” – Cindy B.

“I wanted to find new ways to challenge my body and lose some weight. I like working with trainers to help push me during my workout. I also need a trainer that really knows anatomy and exercise physiology. I have a bad lower back and also knee issues and its important that a trainer not only knows what exercises will help these ailments, but won’t have me doing something that will injure me. Antonette is very knowledgable in these area!! The workouts are always challenging and pushing me to the limit, and it’s rewarding to see results. There are numerous things I have improved at and a few things I can do now that I never thought I’d be able to. The workouts also challenged me to learn how to fail, work on improving, and learning to succeed and be proud of those improvements.” – Marisa K.