Athlete of the Month – Ciera

If you are new to the gym and have seen Ciera working out, one might easily assume she has been training like this for years. If you aren’t a “rookie”, it’s easy to forget that Ciera started group training at RaceStart only 7 months ago! Her dedication and results along the way is extremely impressive and true to her character. Ciera brings a mix of positive energy with little bit of sass in everything she does. Our classes would not be the same without her charm and wit.

She is a friendly reminder that life’s much more enjoyable with a smile on your face 🙂 The team at RaceStart would like to thank Ciera for being apart of this gym community, all the smiles that she’s brought, and for paving the way for new athletes. The roles have switched, and now the new athletes look up to her – hoping that they too can lift that weight, do those pull ups, and some day get those double unders.  I’m so proud to announce this month’s Athlete Of The Month is Ciera! Learn more about Ciera and her fitness journey below. Congrats!

Ciera and her homies

Occupation? Marketing Harley-Davidson

Tell us something we may not know about you? I was on a water ski team called the Lauderdale Aqua Skiers when I was growing up. I did everything from climbing water ski pyramids to skiing in the ballet line! I forgot how much strength and balance it took to pull myself out of the water on one ski and climb to the top of a human pyramid! I am working on my strength and balance in class and I’m excited for summer to get back into water skiing.

When did you start personal training at RaceStart? June 2016, time flies when you are sweating and having fun!

Main reason for joining RS?  I moved to Bayview in June and was looking for a gym that was not your typical go on the elliptical pretend you were working out and leave an hour later after watching bravo at 4.5 mph sort of gym.

What were your thoughts after you completed your first RaceStart workout?  I thought everything hurts and I’m dying! I could barely get out of bed but I wanted to go back for more workouts….surprisingly! The overall atmosphere and the bubbly personality of Antonette made it seem like I was a part of the family the second I walked in the door. I tried to come as much as possible when I first started so it felt like I was constantly sore but now I’m in a routine of going in the morning and at night some days. I learned quickly that the lacrosse ball is your best friend!

What is your fitness background?  I am not a runner, I never was growing up and never will be. I have always said, “Why run when you can drive?” I have always loved outdoor activities such as golfing, water-skiing and snowboarding.

“The fastest way to FUN!”

What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment since you started here?  Overall my biggest fitness accomplishment is utilizing the barbell in general. I have always been scared to pick up a barbell in a gym- However, now I have gained so much experience with the attention and training Antonette gives me. I have really enjoyed watching myself grow in terms of how much I can lift. I also never thought in a million years I could get my arms to pull my body up to a bar and by utilizing a resistance band I have been able to work on my kipping, aka fish out of water ability!

Has RS affected your life at home, at work, with friends, family life, etc? Yes, working out and eating healthy is a common interest my team at work shares. We rely on each other to stay healthy throughout the day and exchange healthy recipes between each other. Being part of this gym is not just about the workout it is also about building new friendships with people who enjoy the same lifestyle as you. I never thought I would gain so many friends just by joining a gym and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

What results have you seen since your first RS workout?  The results are endless even after complaining the whole way … especially when you see how much you have progressed since you started. I actually feel like I have muscles and I don’t shy away from pushing myself weight wise since I know I can do it!

What are your future fitness goals?  In the short time I have been with RaceStart I have dabbled in things I never thought were possible. I want to keep working on goals such as kipping, push ups, double unders and the list goes on.

What is your most memorable experience with RS?  I think my most memorable experience is deadlifting more than my body weight and still managing to say, “OMG this is so heavy” while I almost passed out!

personal trainer milwaukee
Deer in headlights 😉

personal training milwaukee

Dead-lifting almost double body weight and still talking-Impressive 😉

What advice would you give to a “Newbie” or someone considering joining the RaceStart family?  Make sure to wear shinguard’s for the first year (box jumps getcha everytime), try everything once, Ditch your Boyfriend for a lacrosse ball and when you think Antonette isn’t watching you….she really is so lift that weight!

Fill in the Blank

  • I like…socializing (this is obvious for anyone who knows me), making people laugh, going on new adventures, anything outdoors, traveling and a nice box of wine from time to time 🙂
  • I eat…grilled ceasar salads, Mexican food, tomatoes and cucumbers are my jam!
  • I do…whatever it takes! With a complaint or two mixed in there.
  • I am…excited to see what is in store for me on my fitness journey to come!
  • To be fit is to be…“the struggle is real”

October 2016 Athlete of the Month

“And though she be but little she is fierce”

alli-box-jumpAre you familiar with this quote? This is our Alli! She ALWAYS has a great big smile across her face with every rep, every round, and EVERY WORKOUT! She might joke that her arms feel like they are going to fall off, but she NEVER complains! I always tell everyone that “Whatever you put into your workout is exactly what you will get out of it”...and Alli pushes herself EVERY TIME!

When Alli was a “newbie” at RaceStart I can honestly say she was afraid to step out of her shell. Now I see her pushing herself to new levels every day- This way of thinking is now automatic and she’s beginning to see what she’s truly capable of.
It’s so important to remember to smile and just have fun, and that’s something that Alli brings out in all of us! She is so fun to be around, and really challenges you to push yourself harder in class. She might not admit that she’s competitive, but I beg to differ. Alli has been attending our 5:30A.M. classes as well as our night classes- Training 5 days/week, and 3 of the days she trains 2x/day. It’s safe to say that you have reached “rockstar status” 😀
Alli, I’m proud to announce that YOU are our Athlete of the month!

You have come a long way to receive this honor. Only those who are truly deserving are rewarded with “AOTM”. With that being said, some months might not have an “ATOTM” – but over the last few months I have .as you really stepped it up and your hard work has not gone unnoticed! Way to go! You have now taken on the roll to help encourage and empower others.

nose, cotton ball, bucket

(Allie usually does not dress up like a “dead bug” for her workouts, this photo was taken during the RS Halloween Event)

AOTM Survey:


Tell us something we may not know about you?
I am obsessed with my dogs. They rock.

When did you start training at RaceStart?
June of this year

Main reason for joining RS?
To find an enjoyable class experience that made me want to be go to the gym.

What were your thoughts after you completed your first RaceStart workout?
Everything hurts and I am dying. Also my arms are going to fall off. All in all I really enjoyed the group setting and how welcoming Antonette was, I didn’t feel pressured into doing anything I didn’t think I could do. 

What is your fitness background?
Running and swimming. Also that embarrassing stage in my life where I thought it would be fun to be an ice skater and I got stuck wearing a fuzzy lion costume at my first performance in front of hundreds of people.

What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment?
Lifting weights in general, I’ve always had a fear of how to properly do it.

Has RS affected your life at home, at work, with friends, family life, etc? (underline all that apply)
I would say all of the above. It has made me a more conscious grocery shopper and avoid the free terrible food at work. My friends and family have to put up with me talking about how my arms are going to fall off but find it amusing.

What results have you seen since your first RS workout?
I can lift much more than when I started and I think more about what I am putting into my body. Going to the gym also relieves stress that builds up at work.

What are your future training goals?
To be able to do a pull up with no band as well as do ropes for 20 seconds and not want to die.

What is your most memorable experience with RS?
When I wasn’t fully awake in the morning class and face planted over my kettle bell. Also the time Antonette was riding on top of the sled stacked with weights while Bryan pulled when I can barely pull 50 pounds.

What advice would you give to a “Newbie” or someone considering joining the RaceStart family?
Do it! The classes have a great structure so you don’t do repetitive movements day after day with no results. I also don’t dread going to the gym and everyone is so welcoming it feels like a little family.


Fill in the Blank

I likeBeing outside, traveling, and hanging out with friends.
I eat(I feel like I shouldn’t honestly answer this question… joking). I have my weak days but mostly try to eat on the healthier side i.e. salads, canned tuna (I know this is gross but I can’t get enough), sweet potatoes, sushi
I doYoga, running, snowboarding, and water sports?? I don’t know how to answer this hahah
I amConfident and excited to see what I will be capable of doing in another year!
To be fit is to beDetermined, motivated, and perseverant

Meet Cindy, Our Athlete of the Month

Cindy is being recognized as our athlete of the month.

At RaceStart we have a saying, “don’t put in half the effort unless you’re OK with half the results”…

Cindy’s transformation didn’t come easy at first- It took diligence inside and outside of the gym.  It wasn’t until recently that Cindy made a commitment to herself and her health. At that point she was “ALL IN”. Her  perseverance allowed her to achieve EVERY personal goal that we set (to date over the last 4-5 months)

I am so proud of Cindy! I have not only seen a physical difference with Cindy, but her entire demeanor has changed. Cindy, you are an inspiration to us all! For that reason alone I thank you for being apart of the RaceStart family and I am happy to announce that you are RaceStart’s Athlete of the Month.

30 lb weightloss milwaukee racestart

Congrats  Cindy!


I work for Baker Tilly in their Management Consulting practice and lead a team focused on growth strategy services. Our value is to help clients improve their performance and grow their business.

Tell us something we may not know about you?
I love 70’s music and threw myself a disco party for a recent milestone birthday.

When did you start training at RaceStart?
I started personal training with Antonette several years ago at a “chain” health club. When she decided to go out on her own and launch RaceStart I didn’t hesitate to follow her. It wasn’t until recently that I fully commited to my fitness goals.

Main reason for joining RS?
I was tired of feeling winded just walking up a flight of stairs and decided it was time to focus on improving my health. I was going to the gym but not making any real progress. I realized that just showing up at the gym wasn’t getting it done. I wasn’t challenging myself and I needed someone to push me in order to get results.

What were your thoughts after you completed your first RaceStart workout?
I felt defeated initially. It was hard to realize that I didn’t have the stamina, flexibility or strength that I use to have when I was younger and healthier. It magnified how out of shape I really was- BUT  that’s what motivated make a change. I think you have to hit a very low point – rock bottom – before you are ready to commit to showing up and giving it everything you have.

What is your fitness background?
I was a three sport athlete in high school and have continued to play sports throughout my adult life. I began to slow down my activity in my 30’s and saw my weight climb. My career also required a lot of travel which only added to my problem. I have worked with a personal trainer on several occasions before and generally had good success when I had someone pushing me so I
decided to give it a try again.

What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment?
It is so hard to pick one because there are so many fitness accomplishments since I have been working with Antonette. When I first started I could barely squat even an inch and now I can squat past parallel! My improved flexibility is what I notice most often and the fact that I can walk up two flights of steps with ease.

Has RS affected your life at home, at work, with friends, family life, etc? (Circle all that apply)

There isn’t any part of my life that hasn’t been affected since joining RaceStart. I sleep so much better and therefore wake up in a better mood most days. Work related stress has diminished significantly because I have more energy and am able to focus on my work throughout the day. I have introduced friends and family to RaceStart because I want them to experience first-hand how Antonette trains and her philosophy on being healthy. My self-confidence has increased with each “personal record” I achieve and I am excited to share these small accomplishments with the important people in my life. My schedule resolves around my workouts now rather than trying to fit workouts into my schedule. I really had to embrace the concept of putting myself first because my life depends on it.

What results have you seen since your first RS workout?
I had a significant amount of weight to lose in order to be “healthy” and each day I am closer to that goal. The scale didn’t show dramatic results initially but I could feel my clothes fit differently and have dropped 4 dress sizes. While this is important, I also choose to focus on the small accomplishments such as getting a new personal record or lifting a heavier weight than the last time.

What are your future training goals?
My weight loss goal is something I will continue to focus on but I now have some other goals that challenge me. I want to get strong enough to be able to do pull ups on the bar rather than with rings. I also want to be able to do “double unders” with the jump rope and get more than 5 in a row. The next big thing is getting off my knees and doing real push-ups and that is going to take some time. 

What is your most memorable experience with RS?
Overhead squats… I could never do them. So much of what you do in the gym requires thinking and proper breathing and once you figure that out it all comes together.

What advice would you give to a “Newbie” or someone considering joining the RaceStart family?
Don’t give up – believe in yourself no matter how out of shape you are or how much your body hurts when you are done with a workout. Your body can do so much more than your mind tells you. I have learned that there are many aspects that contribute to your health and I had to address each one of them in order to start seeing results. FIRST, I had to truly commit to working out on a consistent basis-THEN I tackled my nutrition. I started to see some results at this point but they were not in line with the effort I was putting out. That is when I had to address the emotional issues that were holding me back. I am very motivated when I hear “I am proud of you” from my VIP – make sure to include them in your journey – support is critical!

Fill in the Blank
I like… group classes because having a little competition from my classmates is a great motivator
I eat… whatever I want but make good choices more often now and I cook more too
I do… enjoy working out – it is addictive
I am… proud of what I have accomplished 
To be fit is to be… strong in both mind and body

RaceStart Athlete Of The Month, Alisha K

Alisha has been recognized as our athlete of the month for her strong work ethic, positive attitude, determination, and drive.

Alisha’s positive energy is infection to all those around her. She has definitely had an impact on our RaceStart community, and for that we are thankful! You are truly an inspiration to us all- Keep up the great work!

Alisha, training at RaceStart in MilwaukeeI am social worker and substance abuse counselor for the Department of Corrections at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility, working with adult male offenders,and I work part-time as a therapist for a residential treatment facility, working with adolescent girls.

Tell us something we may not know about you?
I worked at an orphanage in Thailand, which sparked my interest in social work. And I love Eminem 🙂

When did you start training at RaceStart?
I went to my first Warrior class in Spring 2013 and started going consistently in December 2013.

Main reason for joining RS?
I was training for a half marathon and was looking for something other than just spending 60-90 minutes on a treadmill, running each day. I wanted a more enjoyable way to prepare for the race…boy did a get a lot more than that.

What were your thoughts after you completed your first RaceStart workout?
Unfortunately I went to my first RaceStart workout and did not return for 6 months. Honestly, after that first workout, I felt pretty discouraged. I could run 8-10 miles without a problem and struggled through that first workout. I was embarrassed and mad at myself. I wish I wouldn’t have allowed myself to get so discouraged, because I haven’t felt that way since that first class. Now, I have basically the same thought after each workout…”That was sooo hard, and I feel sooo good!”

What is your fitness background?
I was an athlete in high school and stayed in fairly good shape during high school. Once college started I only worked out (elliptical, treadmill, and fitness classes) 2-3 days per week. During grad school a friend convinced me to sign up for a half marathon. This is what kick-started my work to start feeling good about myself and get back into shape.

What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment?
Feeling proud of myself! Of course there are things that I have done since beginning RaceStart that I never thought I could do, but even more than those things I never expected I would feel so proud of myself.

Has RS affected your life at home, at work, with friends, family life, etc? (circle all that apply)
explain….Racestart has affected all areas of my life…I am healthier, I enjoy working out, and it is a part of my everyday life. I eat healthier, I am positive and energetic at work, I try to convince my friends to come to Racestart workouts, and I tell my family and friends about my workouts and new PR’s on a regular basis! Like I said above, I’m proud!

What results have you seen since your first RS workout?
I’ve seen quite a few results since beginning Racestart. I’m not a big scale person; however I know my body has changed…it looks different, feels different, and my clothes fit different. The most obvious results are my attitude and my feelings about myself. I am much more confident and comfortable with myself than ever before.

What are your future training goals?
I recently reached a goal that I set quite a while ago…I am finally off of the rings and am doing pull-ups on the bar. Now, I would like to keep working on my push-ups, dips, and continue working at getting new PR’s. Anything with a kettlebell I dread, so I guess I need to keep working at those too…there’s got to be a reason I hate them!

What is your most memorable experience with RS?
The first RaceStart workout I went to we had to do crabwalks, which was the most discouraging thing I ever did. I could barely go 3 feet without falling and my wrists were in pain immediately. My most memorable moment was being able to do those same exact crabwalks down and back, across the gym without stopping or resting. I was so proud, I cried (that never happens)!

What advice would you give to a “Newbie” or someone considering joining the RaceStart family?
Keep coming back…I keep seeing this phrase “your hardest workout will eventually become your warm-up” and it’s true. If you can’t do something, it’s okay, there are modifications. If you stop going, you will never get it and if you keep working, eventually you will (and it feels GREAT when you do). Those difficult, challenging workouts make the PR’s and new abilities feel that much sweeter 🙂

Fill in the Blank
I like…all the friends I have made since joining RaceStart…they are an amazing group of people!
I eat…healthier than I used to, and I still have some work to do! I like….pizza and beer 🙂
I do…feel good about myself!
I am…confident and excited to see what I will be capable of doing in another year!
To be fit is to be…aware of how powerful your body is and proud of everything it is capable of doing 🙂