19/24 Fitness Challenge

19 workouts in 24 days!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and so does all that hustle and bustle. Together we can alleviate some of our holiday stress. Let’s schedule our workouts, and show up for them (no excuses). Does your nutrition suffer this time of the year? Let us help! We have a 10 day and a 24 day nutrition program that will boost your energy, improve your fitness performance, and leave you feeling amazing!

Starting THURSDAY, November 1st and ending on Saturday, November 24th.

That’s 5 days that you could miss out of 3 weeks, AND still have a chance at winning the grand prize! You got this!


If you complete 19 workouts in 24 days you will be entered in our raffle for a chance to win our RaceStart Holiday gift bag (filled with…):

  • New RaceStart swag
  • 10 day Nutrition JumpStart Program
  • Kettlebell Kitchen gift card

This is a great way to beat that winter hibernation, stay on point with your nutrition, AND hit your fitness performance goals!

*You must complete 19 workouts in 24 days to enter our raffle.

  • If you workout 19 times during our 24 day challenge you will receive 1 ticket.
  • If you workout all 24 days during this challenge you will receive 1 additional raffle ticket.
  • If you join us in the 10 day nutrition program during this challenge you will receive 1 extra ticket
  • If you join us in the 24 day JumpStart during this challenge you will receive 2 extra raffle tickets.

This means that you could essentially earn 4 raffle tickets. That’s 4 more chances to win the prize!

NOTE: Keep in mind that it usually takes 2-5 days for your nutrition package to arrive. Please contact Antonette prior to ordering anything online- It’s important that you select the best program for you and your fitness/lifestyle goals.

The Best Workout Playlist

So people have been asking me for my workout playlist and I’m not gonna lie, I feel pretty cool about that 😉 Don’t worry I won’t let it get to my head, ha!

So here are some of my all time favorite pump up jams! (Drummer roll…)

  1. Flower- Moby
  2. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
  3. Paint it Black- The Rolling Stones
  4. The Sun- Parov Stelar, Graham Candy
  5. Ready for the Weekend- Calvin Harris
  6. My body- Young Giant
  7. The Fire- The Roots
  8. Cinderella Man- Eminem
  9. Feel Invincible- Skillet
  10. Ooh Ahh (my life be like)- Grits, TobyMac
  11. So, Fast, So Maybe- K.Flay
  12. Cold Cold Cold- Cage the Elephant
  13. Pray to God- Calvin Harris
  14. Hail Mary- 2pac
  15. I need a Doctor- Eminem
  16. Hero- Skillet
  17. Bangarang- Skrillex
  18. Rap God- Eminem
  19. The Drop- Bro Safari
  20. Freedom- Pharrell Williams
  21. Hype- Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris
  22. Waiting All Night- Rudimental, Ella Eyre
  23. Lose Yourself- Eminem
  24. Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  25. Monster- Skillet
  26. Ladi Dadi- Steve Aoki
  27. Till I Collapse- Eminem
  28. Dynamite- Nause, Pretty Sister
  29. Fire in Your Shoes- Kaskade
  30. Kings Never Die- Eminem

Enjoy! This list is like gold (years in the making) Share some of your favorites in the comments. And don’t be a jerk, share this list with your friends 😉 #friendslifteachotherup #motivation


Redirecting Our Mindset to Achieve Our Fitness Goals

Can anyone relate to staring at themselves in the mirror, only to pick themselves apart? Have you ever used your workouts as a form of punishment? When you discovered that your favorite jeans “shrunk” did you cut calories and increase your workouts? Are you guilty of  comparing yourself to the trending celebs?

Let’s be real…

I can honestly say that at some point in my life I’ve been guilty of probably all of the above. I’m not proud to admit this, but it’s the truth. I am sharing this insider information because it’s important to know that you are not alone.  If you’re like me and answered “yes” to any of the examples above, then this is my advise on how to redirect your mindset and become more comfortable in your own skin:

  1. Be more present and allow yourself to have fun. Often times we get caught up with the “big picture” and don’t give ourselves enough credit along our journey. Acknowledge your progress along the way and stop comparing yourself to others- After all this is YOUR journey. As a result, this will help alleviate stress and make daily tasks more enjoyable. When we’re less stressed we sleep better, move better, and allow ourselves to be more present.
  2. Don’t let one bad event effect your day, week, or month. You’re only human. Life happens, and it’s how you deal with each situation that is dealt to you that will determine your progress- Remember, this is not a sprint. Take it one day at a time and always give yourself credit when it is deserved.
  3. Find strength in positivity. Don’t tear yourself down by focusing only on your “flaws“. Often times we can be our worst critics. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.
  4. Set goals and believe in yourself – Acknowledge your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. It’s vital to set ACHIEVABLE goals- Goals that you have control over. Stop telling yourself you can’t. Figure out how to turn your “I can’t” into “I can”. Often times we are so fixated on the things that we can’t do that it holds us back from reaching our true potential. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. Other times we are busy chasing “perfection”. We are all perfectly imperfect. One goal we all have control over is giving OUR 100%. This will leave us feeling satisfied and continue to keep us motivated.class-functional-fitness-bay-view
  5. Don’t just show up. It’s crucial to mentally prepare yourself for the changes you’ll need to achieve your goals- Let’s be real, just showing up and going through the movements isn’t going to cut it. Put in the work inside the gym as well as outside the gym. With that being said, allow yourself rest days to avoid over training- Your body needs time to recover. Go to bed on time and avoid hitting the snooze button. Feed your body the fuel it needs to get you those results. Stay on point with your mobility. Don’t put in half the effort unless you’re okay with half of the results.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In stopping to think through the meaning of what I have learned, there is much that I believe intensely, much I am unsure of. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”

Let’s begin to act the way we want to feel and become empowered to find “our happy”

Often times the chaos around us acts as a distraction and we loose site of what we are working towards. It’s imperative that we stop putting an emphasis on something that is out of our control. Redirecting our mindset will lower stress levels and help manage fitness goals. It’s essential to live in the present and appreciate the struggles, the joys, and everything around us that will shape who we become.


October 2016 Athlete of the Month

“And though she be but little she is fierce”

alli-box-jumpAre you familiar with this quote? This is our Alli! She ALWAYS has a great big smile across her face with every rep, every round, and EVERY WORKOUT! She might joke that her arms feel like they are going to fall off, but she NEVER complains! I always tell everyone that “Whatever you put into your workout is exactly what you will get out of it”...and Alli pushes herself EVERY TIME!

When Alli was a “newbie” at RaceStart I can honestly say she was afraid to step out of her shell. Now I see her pushing herself to new levels every day- This way of thinking is now automatic and she’s beginning to see what she’s truly capable of.
It’s so important to remember to smile and just have fun, and that’s something that Alli brings out in all of us! She is so fun to be around, and really challenges you to push yourself harder in class. She might not admit that she’s competitive, but I beg to differ. Alli has been attending our 5:30A.M. classes as well as our night classes- Training 5 days/week, and 3 of the days she trains 2x/day. It’s safe to say that you have reached “rockstar status” 😀
Alli, I’m proud to announce that YOU are our Athlete of the month!

You have come a long way to receive this honor. Only those who are truly deserving are rewarded with “AOTM”. With that being said, some months might not have an “ATOTM” – but over the last few months I have .as you really stepped it up and your hard work has not gone unnoticed! Way to go! You have now taken on the roll to help encourage and empower others.

nose, cotton ball, bucket

(Allie usually does not dress up like a “dead bug” for her workouts, this photo was taken during the RS Halloween Event)

AOTM Survey:


Tell us something we may not know about you?
I am obsessed with my dogs. They rock.

When did you start training at RaceStart?
June of this year

Main reason for joining RS?
To find an enjoyable class experience that made me want to be go to the gym.

What were your thoughts after you completed your first RaceStart workout?
Everything hurts and I am dying. Also my arms are going to fall off. All in all I really enjoyed the group setting and how welcoming Antonette was, I didn’t feel pressured into doing anything I didn’t think I could do. 

What is your fitness background?
Running and swimming. Also that embarrassing stage in my life where I thought it would be fun to be an ice skater and I got stuck wearing a fuzzy lion costume at my first performance in front of hundreds of people.

What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment?
Lifting weights in general, I’ve always had a fear of how to properly do it.

Has RS affected your life at home, at work, with friends, family life, etc? (underline all that apply)
I would say all of the above. It has made me a more conscious grocery shopper and avoid the free terrible food at work. My friends and family have to put up with me talking about how my arms are going to fall off but find it amusing.

What results have you seen since your first RS workout?
I can lift much more than when I started and I think more about what I am putting into my body. Going to the gym also relieves stress that builds up at work.

What are your future training goals?
To be able to do a pull up with no band as well as do ropes for 20 seconds and not want to die.

What is your most memorable experience with RS?
When I wasn’t fully awake in the morning class and face planted over my kettle bell. Also the time Antonette was riding on top of the sled stacked with weights while Bryan pulled when I can barely pull 50 pounds.

What advice would you give to a “Newbie” or someone considering joining the RaceStart family?
Do it! The classes have a great structure so you don’t do repetitive movements day after day with no results. I also don’t dread going to the gym and everyone is so welcoming it feels like a little family.


Fill in the Blank

I likeBeing outside, traveling, and hanging out with friends.
I eat(I feel like I shouldn’t honestly answer this question… joking). I have my weak days but mostly try to eat on the healthier side i.e. salads, canned tuna (I know this is gross but I can’t get enough), sweet potatoes, sushi
I doYoga, running, snowboarding, and water sports?? I don’t know how to answer this hahah
I amConfident and excited to see what I will be capable of doing in another year!
To be fit is to beDetermined, motivated, and perseverant

Post RS Halloween Event

Many thanks for EVERYONE who contributed

in our Pumpkin Pump Up Halloween Event!


Thank you for your participation and contributions by bringing in a tasty (and healthy) treat,  a pumpkin, and/or dressing up! You all contributed in some way, and for that I can’t begin to tell you how much happiness this brings me.

At RS we love hosting events, but the Halloween Event is extra special. There’s just something about this time of the year- The colors, the smells, the weather, the food- I love it ALL!

However, this particular event helps remind us to not take life too seriously. We can still be silly, a little crazy, AND have fun without sacrificing our workout!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love me some good old competition. Our goal at RaceStart was to make you smile and laugh while getting in a good sweat fest. We are all young at heart and RaceStart wanted to remind everyone that it’s okay to let loose, and feel like a kid again. Sometimes we forget the importance of being able to laugh at ourselves, brush off a bad day, and keep moving forward on this fitness journey we set out on! #enjoylife #embracethecrazy 😉



  • Game 1 Prize: 1 packet of Shakeology AND their choice of either an RXBar, or FitAid
    • Winner: Angie
  • Game 2 Prize: 1 packet of Shakeology AND their choice of either an RXBar, or FitAid
    • Winner: Katie
  • Game 3 Prize: 1 packet of Shakeology AND their choice of either an RXBar, or FitAid
    • Winner: Natalie’s sister 
  • Raffle Prize:  Samples of pre-workout packets, sample of post workout packets, Shakeology packets, and a few more little goodies
    • Winner: Ciera
  • Best Costume Prize: 10% off their next month of unlimited group classes, a RS sticker, and a Shakeology packet
    • Winner: Marisa and Katie ( A&G featured Below)


From the bottom of my heart I want to thank YOU for making this event happen! RaceStart is very lucky to have such supportive coaches as well as athletes. Thank you all for your help and contributions. You guys definitely made this year quite “eventful”! Enjoy the photos that we captured throughout the day. I know they brought a smile to my face. Some photos might need more explaining than others. LOL.

If anyone is interested in a recipe from the pot luck, please post questions and comments to the members only FaceBook group page

Click on the images below to view the SLIDE SHOW

Halloween Pumpkin Pump Up

Join us for a ghoulish workout and party at RaceStart!

 Saturday, October 29th @10 A.M.- 11:45A.M.

This event is included with your Unlimited Membership/Punch Cards. Click below to register for this event!

Visitors are welcome!

Beware of tricks and treats and bring a friend to freak out!

  • Returning guests: Drop in for $20 (pay at the door, cash only)
  • First time visitors: This event is FREE for first time guests! If the new visitor signs up for a package that day they will receive 1/2  off their first month of unlimited group classes!
  • Warriors: If YOUR GUEST signs up at the party for group classes, YOU will SAVE 10% on your November group class package.

We welcome snacks and drinks. Costumes are highly encouraged! 🙂 Click below for more details!


Jordan’s Back with a NEW CLASS

cardio combat boxing mma jordan griffin
Hi warriors! I just wanted to give a big shout out to Jordan Griffin and welcome his return to coaching at RaceStart! We are excited to have Jordan on our team as well as seeing his charming smile back at the gym! 
Jordan will begin coaching a noon class every Tuesday and Thursday, starting THIS WEEK! Again, RaceStart is lucky to have Jordan and we look forward to seeing him around the gym more often 🙂  




Our boxing classes take place in an intimate setting of up to 5 people and is led by instructor and Professional MMA fighter, Jordan Griffin, who is currently ranked #1 (145lb weight class) in Wisconsin and King of the Cage!

Cardio combat will teach you proper boxing technique and movement that the professionals use and will help you develop speed, agility, coordination and power. Each class consists of four rounds of 4 minute high intensity training. The first round consists of boxing, followed by circuit training and ending with shadow boxing and core finisher.

Contact Jordan at or (414) 881-5780 ASAP to schedule your class – Or just click on the button below!




Some days are definitely easier than others to get up outta bed. I have moments or even days that I rather curl up and feel sorry for myself- Make excuses about why it’s so hard to juggle “life”.

Then I take a minute to reflect on everything that is important to me and all the sacrifices and hard work that has led me to where I am today.

At that time I think about where I want to be.  Then I think,  what  I am  going to do to make that happen.


Over the last 2 weeks I have removed the words, “try” and “can’t” from my vocabulary. I realize that both words have negative connotations.

I will either “do” or I ”will not do”.

There is no try.

If I want it bad enough I will figure out a solution and make it happen.


Some days are easier than others to find that motivation and drive.

On the days I allow doubt into my head, I am often left asking myself a common question,  

“What am I doing this all for?”

Then I walk into RaceStart and see what I have created.

It’s at that time that a big smile stretches across my face, and then it all comes back to me. The doubt is no longer there…

This is my happy place. I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m not okay with only giving half the effort-no matter how big or small the task is.

I know that through my training I am able to help motivate others live a healthier life”


Coming to realize this drives that force inside of me to push harder. My athletes, as well as the coaches at RaceStart, inspire me everyday to push harder in life, to train harder, and to be a leader by setting a good example.

I read somewhere that,

“ The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake- You can’t learn anything from being perfect.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I have made plenty of mistakes, but those mistakes have only made me stronger from the inside out.


quote gym

I know that I will not be happy unless I give 100%. I am a fitness enthusiast in every way possible and want to share this with my community. I believe this is my purpose and my mission.

Find your happy, and let your passion drive you!

For a great motivational short video click on the button below.

I want to share with you a few quotes from this motivational clip:

“Quitting lasts forever….The decision is yours. How badly do you actually want to achieve your goals? If you got a dream you gotta protect it- Don’t’ let someone tell you can’t do something.

If you want something go after and get it. You have to believe that you can make a difference.

You gotta want it more than you want the party, more than you want to sleep. Make a choice. Decide who you wanna be.

Surround yourself with those that see greatness in you, even when you don’t see it in yourself”


“Find it within yourself to keep moving forward”

“Just because you failed, doesn’t mean that you are a failure”

“Don’t let the distractions distract you”

Start your day out right by clicking on the button below for one of the most inspiring and motivational videos  that I’ve come across.


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