RaceStart’s First Mud Run Experience

Last Saturday team RaceStart ventured out to Slinger, WI where we “competed” (I use the word “competed” lightly) in our FIRST EVER mud run!

The race took place at Little Switzerland Ski Hill. To make a long story short, the hills are no joke my friend.

In all seriousness it was a blast! We learned a lot about one another #teambonding

The need for speed suddenly wasn’t as important as completing the event together as a team! All egos were set aside, and everyone rose to each challenge put before us. I think most of us were hoping for more obstacles, but overall I thought it was the perfect race to put our physical fitness to test- After all, this was our first attempt at a mud run. If I’m being honest, I was disappointed to find out that the 10k was actually the 5k…again.   To be clear, the 10k route consisted of running the 5k route 2x’s –  Basically repeating all the SAME obstacles you just completed.  I was under the impression that the 10k would have “more obstacles”, not repeat the same course you just trucked through. For that reason, we decided against the 10k after all. I am happy to report that EVERYONE finished the 5k without any serious injuries!

The hills were definitely a struggle (to say the least). At one point I began to crawl – did I mention I don’t care much for running? With that being said, NO ONE stopped. We all manged to pull through! There were lines leading up to each obstacle which allowed for us to stop and catch our breath. We saw people of all fitness levels competing.

My advice for first timers: Just like any workout, listen to your body, and if you need rest, take it. The struggle is real, but knowing that are able to complete this is the best reward. I am thankful to be physically fit and capable to check this off of my bucket-list, AND extremely grateful that I had all of you to share this experience with!

This race has now sparked the urge to try another one … SOON! It has also given me some fun new ideas to implement in our group fitness training programs at RaceStart 😉 I can’t wait for our next mud run!  This is what it’s all about … to bring like-minded people together and create a positive and healthy environment.

Live. Laugh. love … and lift each other up 🙂 Go RaceStart! #whereathletesareborn


Athlete of the Month – Ciera

If you are new to the gym and have seen Ciera working out, one might easily assume she has been training like this for years. If you aren’t a “rookie”, it’s easy to forget that Ciera started group training at RaceStart only 7 months ago! Her dedication and results along the way is extremely impressive and true to her character. Ciera brings a mix of positive energy with little bit of sass in everything she does. Our classes would not be the same without her charm and wit.

She is a friendly reminder that life’s much more enjoyable with a smile on your face 🙂 The team at RaceStart would like to thank Ciera for being apart of this gym community, all the smiles that she’s brought, and for paving the way for new athletes. The roles have switched, and now the new athletes look up to her – hoping that they too can lift that weight, do those pull ups, and some day get those double unders.  I’m so proud to announce this month’s Athlete Of The Month is Ciera! Learn more about Ciera and her fitness journey below. Congrats!

Ciera and her homies

Occupation? Marketing Harley-Davidson

Tell us something we may not know about you? I was on a water ski team called the Lauderdale Aqua Skiers when I was growing up. I did everything from climbing water ski pyramids to skiing in the ballet line! I forgot how much strength and balance it took to pull myself out of the water on one ski and climb to the top of a human pyramid! I am working on my strength and balance in class and I’m excited for summer to get back into water skiing.

When did you start personal training at RaceStart? June 2016, time flies when you are sweating and having fun!

Main reason for joining RS?  I moved to Bayview in June and was looking for a gym that was not your typical go on the elliptical pretend you were working out and leave an hour later after watching bravo at 4.5 mph sort of gym.

What were your thoughts after you completed your first RaceStart workout?  I thought everything hurts and I’m dying! I could barely get out of bed but I wanted to go back for more workouts….surprisingly! The overall atmosphere and the bubbly personality of Antonette made it seem like I was a part of the family the second I walked in the door. I tried to come as much as possible when I first started so it felt like I was constantly sore but now I’m in a routine of going in the morning and at night some days. I learned quickly that the lacrosse ball is your best friend!

What is your fitness background?  I am not a runner, I never was growing up and never will be. I have always said, “Why run when you can drive?” I have always loved outdoor activities such as golfing, water-skiing and snowboarding.

“The fastest way to FUN!”

What’s your biggest fitness accomplishment since you started here?  Overall my biggest fitness accomplishment is utilizing the barbell in general. I have always been scared to pick up a barbell in a gym- However, now I have gained so much experience with the attention and training Antonette gives me. I have really enjoyed watching myself grow in terms of how much I can lift. I also never thought in a million years I could get my arms to pull my body up to a bar and by utilizing a resistance band I have been able to work on my kipping, aka fish out of water ability!

Has RS affected your life at home, at work, with friends, family life, etc? Yes, working out and eating healthy is a common interest my team at work shares. We rely on each other to stay healthy throughout the day and exchange healthy recipes between each other. Being part of this gym is not just about the workout it is also about building new friendships with people who enjoy the same lifestyle as you. I never thought I would gain so many friends just by joining a gym and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

What results have you seen since your first RS workout?  The results are endless even after complaining the whole way … especially when you see how much you have progressed since you started. I actually feel like I have muscles and I don’t shy away from pushing myself weight wise since I know I can do it!

What are your future fitness goals?  In the short time I have been with RaceStart I have dabbled in things I never thought were possible. I want to keep working on goals such as kipping, push ups, double unders and the list goes on.

What is your most memorable experience with RS?  I think my most memorable experience is deadlifting more than my body weight and still managing to say, “OMG this is so heavy” while I almost passed out!

personal trainer milwaukee
Deer in headlights 😉

personal training milwaukee

Dead-lifting almost double body weight and still talking-Impressive 😉

What advice would you give to a “Newbie” or someone considering joining the RaceStart family?  Make sure to wear shinguard’s for the first year (box jumps getcha everytime), try everything once, Ditch your Boyfriend for a lacrosse ball and when you think Antonette isn’t watching you….she really is so lift that weight!

Fill in the Blank

  • I like…socializing (this is obvious for anyone who knows me), making people laugh, going on new adventures, anything outdoors, traveling and a nice box of wine from time to time 🙂
  • I eat…grilled ceasar salads, Mexican food, tomatoes and cucumbers are my jam!
  • I do…whatever it takes! With a complaint or two mixed in there.
  • I am…excited to see what is in store for me on my fitness journey to come!
  • To be fit is to be…“the struggle is real”

Celebrate with us at RaceStart Training

img_1348-copyHelp us celebrate Chris Semklo’s Birthday Workout

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 5th @6 P.M.

I’d like to take a minute to thank Chris Semklo, Co-founder of RaceStart Training. Chris does much of the behind the scenes work- He’s  a huge asset and contributor to the success of our gym. He is one of the hardest workers I have EVER known- Chris is both my biggest fan and my driving force. Not only does he have a full time job, he also helps at the gym, trains at RS in his free time, manages 2 properties (5 families), and did I mention he’s married to me too! 😉 Yet, somehow he still has a full head of beautiful hair, ha!

I had a vision and he helped support, build, and nurture my dream.
That rig that we all love doing pull ups on- he built that. All the mats (each weighing in at 100#)- Yep he did the brunt work of that too. We also have him to thank for our perfectly painted “wallball lines”.  As well as assembling pretty much everything right down to my desk (with some help from our community). He also contributes in many other countless ways. He is a very big part of this gym, and we are very lucky to have him! I thank you, Chris,  from the bottom of my heart.

Again, I’d like to invite EVERYONE to celebrate this wonderful man with a special “Happy Birthday Workout”!

Do you have a birthday coming up?
If so,  make sure to let one of our coaches know so we can plan to make your day a little “extra special”. For your birthday we allow you to choose your favorite movements. However, RaceStart will still design the workout, incorporating your movements of choice into the workout of the day for the group classes . You won’t know the programming until the day of…We like to surprise you! A little gift from RS to you 🙂

Click below to sign up on our class schedule for Chris Semklo’s birthday workout (Wednesday Warrior, October 5th).

For more on Chris, read his full bio here »